Tropical Fish: Re-defining Woman’s Sexuality

The stage is warmly lit. A couch is strategically placed at the center  of the room, creating a rich ambiance to usher in an adaptation of a short story, Tropical Fish, by Uganda’s Doreen Baingana.

As a blogger, I have had great writing opportunities which transformed my life. Last November, I traveled to Kampala, Uganda where I met an Art Curator Asiimwe Deborah Kawe. Asiimwe is an inspiration and a force to reckon with in all matters art!

She has a passion for everything art, and a bias towards theatre art. Read about her art project the Kampala International Theatre Festival.

Going Against the Tide: Kenyan Musician, Labdi Ommes, Plays an Instrument That Women Shouldn’t!

Meet Labdi Ommes, an upcoming artist from Kenya who has gone against the tradition that bars women from playing a string instrument called the Orutu in one of Kenya’s ethnic communities- Luo.

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